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Other names: Xa Khao, Xa Xua, Xa Don, Xa Dang, Xa Hoc, Xa Ai, Xa Bung, and Quang Lam)


10,272 people


Son La and Lai Chau provinces.

Customs & Habits

The Khang live in houses built on stilts, with three rooms. Each house has two kitchens, one kitchen is for cooking daily meals and the other is for warming and cooking meals to worship dead parents.

Khang marriage ceremonies go through three steps. First, they make a marriage proposal. Next, parental approval is sought; and finally, the wedding occurs. The first stage is held for the groom’s family and the second stage is held in order to accompany the bride to her husband’s home.


Khang language belongs to the Mon-Khmer Group.


Khang women dye their teeth black and chew betel like the Thai.


The Khang mainly practice slash-and-burn cultivation using traditional techniques such as digging holes and planting seeds in these holes. They grow sticky rice which serves as their food staple. Their weaving products include chairs, baskets, flat baskets, suitcases, packs, and wooden boats. The Khang also grow cotton and exchange it for cloth and garments.