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Who we are?

XIN CHAO! Warm greeting to everyone !

Welcome you to DVA travel!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I am here to talk to you why we had achieved 15 million tourists to Vietnam in 2018 and 18 million tourists to Vietnam in 2019.

This is the answer from our tourists and from me whom have organized tours for thousand tourists to Vietnam between 2010 and 2020. After the trips in Vietnam, my Ladies and Gentlemen often told me that: “Vietnam is very Beautiful”, and they wanted me to show that Beauty to our upcoming tourists.

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have seen that Vietnam is very beautiful. That is the truth because of three elements: The first, Vietnam has 4,000 years of history, that has make Vietnam become a rich cultural and historical country. The second, Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups. We live in a letter S-shape country with our solidity, friendliness and happiness. We always welcome our friends from all over the world to Vietnam with our big smile. The third, 2/3 of Vietnam area is mountain and hill. Nature has decorated Vietnam with a long coastline, a lot of tourist attractions such as: Halong bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Ba Be, Phong Nha Ke Bang, Mekong River Delta…Thus, Vietnam is beautiful for it’s history, people and nature.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Dinh Vietnam. I have 10 years of organizing tours for our tourists from many different countries to Vietnam. Dinh Vietnam is my nick name to remind our tourists that they always remember me whom had organized their trips in Vietnam.

DVA travel was given birth for it’s real experience and it’s mission is to show our tourist “How Vietnam beautiful”.

DVA travel mainly focuses on tour products:

1/ Culture and history in Vienam.

2/ People in Vietnam.

3/ Nature in Vietnam.

You can look for all tours about these topics on DVA travel.

We are DVA travel and we were given birth to meet your expectation in Vietnam. We thank you all for your attention. We thank you so much.