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Other names: Cho Ru and Ru


14,978 people


Don Duong District in Lam Dong Province and Binh Thuan Province.

Customs & Habits

The Chu Ru worship their ancestors in the cemetery. Each family in the Chu Ru clan consists of three to four generations. In fact, monogamy is the special thing in Chu Ru society. Therefore, young women choose their husbands and initiate the process of marriage. The husband then lives with his wife’s family.


The Chu Ru language belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian group. They have adopted a sedentary life and have developed a rich oral literature. These include popular songs, folk songs and proverbs. The village contains many family lineages, and other ethnic groups may reside in the same village. The village chiefs are elected by the inhabitants of the village and a sorcerer.


The Chu Ru developed farming practices very early in the culture. They also developed agriculture, raised cattle, made bamboo and rattan articles, and sculpted pottery. Currently, hunting and gathering have become sideline occupations in every family.