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Phan Thiet is the city of Binh Thuan Province. It is one of the attractive tourism cities in Viet Nam.

Phan Thiet City’s terrain includes low mountains, rivers, sand dunes and sea with 57.4km of coastal. Ca Ty River divides the city into two parts: the south is trade area, and the north is administrative one.

The city is situated in a tropical zone with perfect weather for sea tourism, lots of wind and sunlight year-round, rare of storm, without hoarfrost, annual temperature from 25°C to 27°C. Rainy season lasts from May to October and dry season is from November to April. Average yearly rainfall is 1,328mm. Relative humidity is 80%. Total hours of sunlight per year is 2,784 hours.

Tourism services and commerce have fast developed with increasingly sea tourism and a number of investment projects concentrating in Phan Thiet – Ham Tien – Hon Rom, Long Son area, Suoi Nuoc, Mui Ne and Tien Thanh.

The local economy depends on fishing (mostly fish sauce), agriculture (mostly green dragon fruit) and tourism. The city has large fishing ground with many high economic species like: shrimp, crab, squid, mackerel, tuna, oyster…

Located in coastal, Phan Thiet is city of beautiful tropical beaches with resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, services of internet, moto, bicycle rubber dinghy, surfboard, buoy for hide.

Sites and attractions:

  • Phan Thiet Water Tower – symbol of city.
  • Beautiful Mui Ne beach surrounded by groves of palm trees and miles of red and golden sand dunes.
  • Hon Rom beach.
  • Lovely Doi Duong beach – a popular spot for lovers to sit in the evening.
  • Mui Ne white sand dunes where you can kiteboarding and windsurfing.
  • Po Sha Nu Tower – ancient temple of the Champa Kingdom.
  • Duc Thanh School where teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh stayed and taught for one year.
  • Van Thuy Tu Temple– the oldest temple dedicated to whale worship in Binh Thuan (since 1762).
  • Khe Ga Lighthouse – an unique lighthouse setting on the rocky island.
  • Ong, Ba Thien Hau, Phat Quang, Ta Cu pagoda of which Ong Pagoda has a Chinese style beautiful architecture.

In addition, tourists have chance to join Ka Te Festival of Cham people, Nghinh Ong (whale worship) Festival of Hoa people, traditional boat (dragon boat) racing festival of Kinh people on Ca Ty River, or enjoy “hat boi” – classical dramas performances, “hat ba trao” – singing local traditional folk songs.

Come to Phan Thiet, it’s the done thing to sightseeing by xich lo, try fresh local seafood like ca mu, ca bo, dong, banh re, banh can, muc mot nang…