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As a mountainous province in northern Vietnam with a complex terrain, Ha Giang is famous for Dong Van Plateau, Khau Vai love market and the valley of colorful flowers combined with cultural diversity of the ethnics.

The province covers an area of 7.914,9 square kilometres, and its population was 854.679 peoples including Mong, tay, Dao, Nung, Kinh ethnic groups, ect. While the Mong is the largest ethnic minority group (according to statistic in 2019).

Ha Giang has many mountains, natural landmarks with the diverse primary forest. Dong Van Plateau spreading over the four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac was recognized as a Global Geopark in 2010. It has nationally natural landmarks including Ma Pi Leng Pass, Quan Ba Mountain.

Quan Ba is well endowed with many natural landscapes which are extremely beautiful and unique. In a good location and with the nice weather in the highlands, Quan Ba double mountain is becoming an attractive tourist area. The system of caves:

Phuong Thien Cave, 7km from Ha Giang city to the south owns very beautiful landscapes consists of numerous natural caves. Tien Cave and Stream located 2km from the city is the place where people often come to get water and sacre for good luck on New Year’s Eve moment.

Additionally, the terracing system in Ha Giang is also a very attractive natural landscape and  an inspiration for many national and international photographers and painters.

As the core area of the stone Plateau, Dong Van has a lot of long historical monuments associated with the history of the Plateau. Lung Cu Flagpole considered as “the roof of Vietnam”, is a land of rolling stones only. “The King” has long been a destination for many tourists to Highlands Dong Van. It is like a “fortress” of the “King of Cats”. This is a unique project, an architectural simulation of Thanh King (China) combined with the culture of H’mong.

Trading session in Dong Van and Sa Phin crowded with many people  are held once a week. Markets are places of cultural exchange when the couple meet and sing together and people of all ethnic groups express special dishes such as rice of H’mong, pig feet soup, meat hotpot. Special products are also sold here like bee larvae, mint honey, Lung Phin tea.

The Old Quarter in Dong Van is typical of houses at the age of hundreds of years.

Besides, Ha Giang has many major festivals such as the newly-built house ceremony of the Lo Lo, Spring Festival of H’mong and Dao ethnic group,ect.

Although there are many natural and cultural resources, the province’s tourism and economic development is not really compatible with its potentials due to remote roads, inconvenient transportation, inconsistent tourism investment and a lack of long-term plans.


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