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Dien Bien borders Lai Chau, Son La of Vietnam, Yunnan of China in the North, Phongsaly of Lao in the West, Pak Xeng, Pak Ou of Lao in the South. The province covers an area of 9.562,9 square kilometres, and its population was 598.856 peoples (according to statistic in 2019).Dien Bien located in the Northwest of Vietnam is a land known as the residence of ancient humans. This is also the house of many ethnic minorities to live together, which creates the richness of cultural treasures.

Dien Bien has various ancient monuments including the caves Tham Khuong  as well as Than Bua  in Tuan Giao, proving that from time immemorial, ancient Vietnamese people were present at the land named as Dien Bien today.

However, in a total of 8 national monuments in Dien Bien, the most significant related to the war against the French is the relics of the victory at Dien Bien Phu on May 7, 1954.

These typical monuments are Him Lam Hill, A1 Hill A1, Hill D1, the leading headquarter of Muong Phang Campaign, the cellar of General De Castries, ect.

These great monuments are key factors to make Dien Bien province attractive to local and foreign tourists.

Dien Bien has potentials of intangible culture, with 21 different ethnic groups living together, each has its own cultural identy and diversity typically th ethnic Thai, H’mong.Because many ethnic minorities live here, the treasure of the traditional performing arts of Dien Bien is also very rich. Notably, the folk songs, dances and performances are featured by the traditional instruments of many ethnics such as the Thai, H’mong, Tay, Nung…These includes bamboo dancing, “Then” singing, monochord…
Dien Bien province has a lot of tourism potentials, especially in terms of culture and history. The most prominent monuments are Dien Bien Phu Victory Historical Relics Zone including bases of the Campaign Command in Muong Phang; Him Lam, Ban Keo, Doc Lap centers, Hill A1, C1, D1, E1 garrision; the cellar of General De Castries (Docat basement area).

Besides Dien Bien has many caves, mineral water resources and lakes which are main sources of natural tourism including Muong Nhe Nature Reserve Pa Thom caves, Tham Pua (Tuan Giao), Hua Pe hot spring, U Va, Pa Khoang, Pe Luong, Huoi Pha Lakes, ect.

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